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I am Marianne Le Morvan, I am 39 years old and I live in Paris. I have a PhD in Art History and I am an independent researcher. I am consultant for the Fonds de dotation Léon Delachaux.


I aim to be at the origin of rediscoveries in art history. In particular, I have recreated the archives of the avant-garde gallery owner Berthe Weill and published her first biography, I wrote the first book on the Art Deco architectural treasure the Splendid Hostel in the south of the France. I reconstructed Auguste Bauchy's collection from previously unpublished archives, and I carried out the first study on the forgotten sculptor Marguerite Peltzer.

I am a specialist in provenance research: I trace the history of an artwork since its creation. It is a major element when proving its authenticity, creating an argument in favour of its valuation if it previously belonged to a prestigious collector. However, above all it is deontological proof attesting to the transparency of its history: this research has become essential for all the actors of the art world. As most of the archives for the modern art market are in Paris, I do the research for these establishments such as private collectors, auction houses, and museum curators.

I am also a curator and academic advisor for several major exhibitions, particularly on the modern period and women artists.​

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